Multiple ideas (Mega thread)

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Multiple ideas (Mega thread)

Post by Razured on Fri Jul 18, 2014 2:07 pm

NOTE: This post will be edited later on a final note, these are my ideas so far. UPDATE 3

Hey guys, here some ideas I found with the help of some friends.

If you guys ever intended to create some character customization well here some ideas.  study 

Races that could be implanted.

*Aliens (with evolved technologies)
*Humans (Of course)
*Another kind of Aliens (Based on physical abilities and survival instinct.)
Weapons, tools and miscellaneous

*Throwing Spears (For fishing, hunting or as a long range weapon.)
*Throwing Knives
*Weapon and body attachment a such as (Silencer, range finder, night vision scopes, night vision, thermal camera, radar, decoy grenade, HE grenade, smoke grenade, gas grenade)
*Paralyzing gun (To paralyze enemies to abduct them or to enter a place without killing people.)
*Traps that you can build on the ground to bait enemies or to get captives.
*High-tech mortar. (With either incendiary round or HE round)
*Crossbow or Bow with poisoned arrow or dart.
*Scythe or a sort of tool to harvest.
*RPG (To use against spaceship or other vehicles.)
*EMP (To screw enemies technologies like small space ships or weapon, will not work on medium and big spaceships.)
*Boarding Drill (So you can invade enemies spaceships to take over it.)
*Flares and red glow sticks and lanterns (To use in dark places.)
*Fishing Pole
*Keypads to protect your storage crates.
*Flare Gun
*Wrench (Used to report some part of the Spaceship or vehicles.)
*Watch and Compass
*Notes or books (So you can leave notes to your friends in the spaceship.)
*Custom Banners for your spaceships. (Another customization thing you guys could add)
*Potions (Craft your own potions, healing potion that recover your HP overtime, poison that you can put in your bullets, arrow or spears)
*Storage bottle. (The same use as minecraft bucket, used to carry many liquids)
*Cameras (Put them on spaceships or on planets to see what's going on).

Vehicles, transportation and buildings

* Spaceships bombers
* A small quad with two seats.
* A fast fighter spaceships that would be used for dogfight either on ground or in the space (Not a big spaceship but has high mobility and speed) and ( A single seat, can be used to scout planets and can be stored in a bigger ship.
*Upgrade part of your ships, to enhance mobility and more.

*Randomly generated enemy patrols (Fighter spaceships passing over on planets, bandit patrols on ground or any other creatures.)
*Old civilizations like maya temples, inhabited town.
*Corps and body physics (Exemple: There is a landmine on the knee level of a bandit and it explode, maybe blow his whole leg out or something)
*Underwater activities (Fishes that react to player's behavior, special minerals, old ruins)
*Factions (Where you could choose between few factions, like races)
*Hire mercenaries.
*Earning Titles trough your adventure.
*Meteors falling on planets.
*Night and day (The night or day could be longer or shorter depending on the planets)
*Build shelters or houses.
Perks and special talents

*Weapon Masters
*Construction Manager
*Landscaper and Groundskeeper
Server sides

*Dedicated servers - Up to 8-16

More to come soon.

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